Mission Statement

Turnabout connects those struggling with addictions or mental health issues with trusted resources.
Vision Statement Many people in our area, (Southwest Howard County), don’t know where to turn for confidential help.
Turnabout will serve this community as a venue delivering multiple ministries and services focused on meeting the needs of people in crisis.
Here are Three words that describe what Turnabout is all about:
1.  Christ – Christ is the answer. Turnabout encourages people to see their need for Christ in their daily Lives.
2.  Community – Recovery from substance abuse and mental illnesses has typically been conceived as a personal struggle. Supporting recovery at the community level helps foster recovery on the individual level. Community recovery is more than the individual recovery of community members, it takes a village… a caring community who cares about those struggling by providing a venue for help inspiring hope, creating vision and increasing trust while sustaining and increasing the quality of community life. Turnabout is a venue for Community.
3.  Connection – People struggling in addictions or depression or with mental health issues need to be brought out of their self-imposed isolation’s and be connected again for help and accountability to a caring community. Turnabout reconnects people to the community.